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Turntable Groom’s Cake by Too Pretty To Eat


One of the most exciting and challenging cakes we have made was a groom’s cake.  The bride wanted to knock it out of the park. She provided photos of his Pro-Ject Debut III turntable, ( yes he is an audiophile)  the name of his favorite Jazz artist, his favorite football  team, and off to the planning table for us ! Spencer was the point man on the working turntable and embedding an MP3 player with the Miles Davis tunes on it. It was a cheesecake covered in fondant with all the buttons, knobs, and a moveable tonearm playing an edible 33LP.  The LP was cast in chocolate and the center label was printed onto edible paper. There was a stack of record albums (all of cake), and the New Orleans Saints football of chocolate cake finished out the groom’s surprise. The table had photos of his family and some memorabilia important to him. As the groom approached his table we heard him say “That’s my turntable! “

It was a good day for all.

In the attached video there is a Bulldogs hand bell sitting in front of the cake and the handle is seen projecting up. Neither the hand bell or the photos are edible but everything else is!





























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Sugar Blossoms Too Pretty To Eat


I guess it’s the little flash of sunshine and warmish weather that has me thinking of spring . My favorite aspect of spring is the wildflowers that bloom in our woods here.  I love these little sugar blossoms because they remind me of some of the delicate little wildflowers. Several of our brides have selected these to adorn their wedding cakes.  They are made from sugar paste and are completely edible.

Celebration Event Cakes-8

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Whitney and Scott’s Wedding Cake Monogram


Whitney told Spencer during her tasting that she wanted me to do “my thing” with her cake, what a wonderful, delightful way to approach her cake. Whitney asked me to make her wedding cake unique to her. After completing her design, I decided to decorate three of the tiers with their new monogram, WNS.

In the video you can see me finishing the top tier of her wedding cake.  This aspect of her cake was a total surprise to her on her wedding day. So while the bride can try on her dress multiple times, envision her hair, and know what her groom is going to wear, the cake is an element of surprise. It is truly a delight to watch the bride see her cake for the first time.



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Unique Idea for a Wedding Reception






We recently made a unique and beautiful wedding cake for Whitney and Scott. Their reception was so incredibly gorgeous. The colors, the atmosphere of elegance and romance just enveloped you. Artist Heidi Schwartz was commissioned to paint Whitney and Scott’s wedding and reception. She positions her easel to allow for a broad overview of the venue. She visits the other areas that are important to the event, such as the ceremony site and the cocktail area. Once the reception begins, so does Heidi. Her interpretive style leaves no doubt that she grasps the meaning and theme of the event. The finished painting is a beautiful representation of the most memorable day yet in the new life of this bride and groom. Heidi’s business is called Paint Your Event.

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Whitney and Scott’s Unique Too Pretty To Eat Wedding Cake


      As I love to tell Whitney, I knew her BEFORE she was a twinkle! Her mother and I have been friends for over 40 years!  I was honored to be asked to make Whitney’s and Scott’s cake.  As you might imagine, their cake tasting was fun. Whitney’s parents came as did her maid of honor. We loved their analytic style: nibbling and savoring much like a wine tasting .They discussed each individual flavor and combined various fillings and cakes to produce different flavor profiles.

Whitney and Scott wowed us with their choices!   Whitney’s favorite candy is Rolos and Scott loves pumpkin pie.  They chose two flavors:pumpkin spice with caramel and ganache filling and fresh strawberry cake  (Mo, Whitney’s  grandmother, would bake it for her birthday) with raspberry and ganache filling.  We loved that they selected flavors for their enjoyment.  They made it their own starting with the cake!

Designing the cake was such a wonderful experience for me.  The only request was that since Scott is 6’4… the cake needed to be tall for the photographs to have balance.  Thus the 7’ tall finished height.  The design was left to me with the request to be unique to Whitney.  I used elements from Whitney’s dress- the lace, the  pearls, the draping and  her new monogram WNS.  I  then added Swarovski crystals  for sparkle and lit the cake from within to add shine. The resulting cake was in her words “over the top” and so so beautiful.  Thank you Whitney, so were  you!

The reception was elegant and  the food was excellent. The bride and groom definitely were the stars. However, the MOB and FOB took front stage with their rendition of the twist scene from Pulp Fiction.  As they say..the crowd went wild!

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Lauren and Erik’s Too Pretty To Eat Wedding Cakes


We had a marvelous tasting with both Lauren’s and Erik’s parents and Lauren’s special Aunt and Uncle. Wonderful conversations and many answered questions later, Lauren      and Erik selected our yellow cake and signature white chocolate buttercream for the bride’s cake. The design featured handmade edible pearls and tiers of gorgeous hydrangeas in the most beautiful colors I have ever seen. The coordinating floral arrangements on each table were dramatic and beautiful.  We couldn’t help but notice University of Tennessee shakers in each guests’s chair.( yes, we are UT graduates too. )   Part of Erik’s Norwegian heritage is a Kransekake.  It is 18 layers of an almond confection that is offered at special celebrations- particularly weddings.  I accepted the challenge and was humbled to hear that the family members from Norway approved!  For the individual cakes that Lauren and Erik wanted in order to celebrate their Greek affiliations while at college, Lauren chose a butterscotch cake with her Delta Delta Delta logo and Erik chose his cake with the Sigma Nu logo. For Erik’s cake we had a special form made and decorated it to match the look of Lauren’s cake. The cake form lifted up to reveal three pecan pies.  Yes!  Erik got to have his favorite pies and decorum got to have “her” matching look!


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Ashlin and Joshua Wedding Cake Pictures by Too Pretty To Eat



Ashlin and her mother arrived for her tasting with ideas for design and knowing they wanted an interesting taste profile for her wedding cake.  The final verdict…TWO flavors!  Apple Spice and sour cream pound cake, both with our signature white chocolate buttercream.  The rustic- elegant  design featured hand made  chocolate twigs, ridged buttercream application, and a gorgeous custom made monogram topper. The cake base was a section of tree with bark intact surrounded by a twig nest.  The ceremony site featured one of a kind handmade life- size branch, twig, and moss covered décor. The fabulous outdoor rustic-chic setting was beyond beautiful as was Ashlin.

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Angie and Brian’s Too Pretty To Eat Wedding Cake Pictures


We met Angie and her mother at their home.  Since the wedding was to be held outside on their beautiful farm     we wanted to visit the site. The first being we encountered was Jesus ( the Spanish pronunciation,Hay-soos)—a sassy sassy burro. Definitely a crowd favorite at the wedding. One of our photos show him with his wedding hat on. He would turn away from the crowd to express his attitude at being photographed  too many times !  We sampled cake in their lovely home, and the choice was made to have two flavors: strawberry cake and yellow cake, both with our signature white chocolate buttercream.  The dotted swiss design complimented the gorgeous floral tiers. Perfect for an outdoor summer wedding.  Angie expressed the desire to “knock it out of the park” with an extravagant cake for her fiancée.  We did our best. It was an operating replica of his turntable-made of cheesecake-playing a chocolate replica LP of his favorite artist. We imbedded an MP3 player so the music was playing. A stack of edible records, and a chocolate football cake with his favorite team logo were surrounded by family photos making Brian’s cake presentation impressive!

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Jessica and Thomas Too Pretty To Eat Wedding Cake


After our initial conversation we all said, “Southern Elegance”.  Jessica, her mother and I agreed…this is the look, the feeling to achieve with the cake design.  Simple and yet elegant.  In Jessica’s cake, the beautifully simple design speaks for itself.  The Swarovski crystal banding, the pearl and crystal brooches speak elegance. Our moist yellow cake and our signature white chocolate buttercream were the perfect classic choices.  This outdoor venue was     lush and beautiful. Even in October, flowers were blooming in every direction around the wedding site.  The table décor and floral arrangements completed the original aim…”Southern Elegance”!!

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Elisa and Pete’s Too Pretty To Eat Wedding Cake


An amazing destination wedding to Buffalo, New York. Amazing mainly because Spencer was at the hospital with Elisa’s dad, Norman when she was born!   We have seen her grow up and were thrilled to be asked to make her wedding cake.  The cake tasting, the design- all accomplished via Fed Ex overnight and email. Elisa selected our yellow cake with one layer of caramel filling and one layer of chocolate mousse filling.  The results were as Elisa described- “perfect, delicious, and more beautiful than I imagined”. The wedding ceremony was held at the most beautiful St. Joseph University Parish church.  The elaborate Terrace Ballroom in the historic Statler City hotel was a magnificent setting for Elisa and Pete’s reception.  We were charmed and honored to witness the Oczepiny ceremony. It is one of the oldest and most important Polish wedding customs symbolizing marriage as an everlasting venture.  We had a wonderful time making and delivering this cake!

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